Vivid as Air (2011)

“Vivid as Air” is a video installation where the visitor is entering a dark room in which a wall of air-in ated plastic tubes rises diagonally from the oor and over your head. You are almost pushed down by the structure... The imagery perceived through the in ated tubes consist of black and white texture slowly moving sideward while a swarm of red and blue particles are oating up and downwards. The only sound in the room is the monotonous buzz of an of ce-fan in ating the pastic tube wall. The installation offers a world to the visitor voided of any recognizable signs as an alternative to the commercial image-tsunami in private and public spaces in our contemporary visual culture. By insisting on not giving out any reference to the outside world this installation can be said to be inspired by minimalism and abstract expressionism.

The installation is trying to point out the impossibility in transgressing this world and entering an ideal and metaphysical world. In spite of the fact that the room can facilitate a transcendent experience for the visitor it is, however, only in the concreteness of this world that an experience of phenomena can take place. In trying to make the visitor aware of the materiality of air and light, the installation can be seen as a reaction on dualism.

vivid.jpg vivid_1.jpg vivid_2.jpg vivid_setup.png