My vision for decentralized social networks

This is my story and motivation for finding and building decentralized social networks

My issue: Too much noise and too little control with the big tech social medias

I like to see art, listen to music and go to concerts, parties, workshops and meetups, and social media/networks are a good way of discovery and staying up to date with what's happening. Other people have other intreses like politics or ponies.

The problem with the currenst state of social media is that they need to make money in some way to offer us these free services. This makes the big tech companies like Meta (FB,IG) and Twitter design their service so we are glued more to the screen with random but intriging content, that we did not sign up for. Because of this slotmachine logic, where you scoll down and maybe, maybe not, gets a dopanine kick from what you find, we can no longer trust that what we put out on these platforms will be shown to the people who follow us and care about what we have to tell or show them.

I'm also an artist myself so I want to make my art seen by the world and and i want to see other peoples art without all that noise. I way to promote events such as concerts and workshops about live visuals and live coding ( And I want to be able to discovery artists and their work and other people with interesing ideas.

My solution - what is it that we need (and nothing more!)

So what makes the web social - what is the new? It is that everyone can easisy be a publisher and commentator, and not just a reader/consumer. This gives us 3 core features that we need to consider how to implement:

  1. Easy Publishing - Getting stuff out there
  2. Easy Reading/watching/listeing - Getting people to see the stuff
  3. Easy Commenting and replying to stuff others have published

All of this will be on the public web for everyone to see, because that is what I need.

This is just one part of what most people think of when you talk about social medias. I'm not gonna deal with pricate forums/grupues and chat/instant messages - there are lot of option for these around.

If you need to hide your opions for what every reason, then you should using something else

We chould all just have a newsletter and learn how to organise our email and be done with it, but then we would lose the social aspects of discorvering new art and ideas. We would get a lot of small one-on-one spaces, but not this bigger social landscape.