Make Protocols, not Platforms

I do not believe in ONE new platform that will be the solution -- then we will just end up with just another monopoly.

Instead I am in favor of agreeing/promoting some simple protocols, than can then be base of a new infrastucture and a variairies of interfacers for both posting, reading and repying.

And for the three core features presented in my vision blogpost I believe we already got what we need in the twtxt protocol and then extension.

A platform is something you can stand on. It can be taken down or re-design under your feed if you do not own it.

A protocol is a standalised way of communicating. The English language is a protocol for humans to talk to each other and write texts, that can be read and understood. E-mail is also a protocol for how to send and recive messages in an agreeded upon manner, than anyone is free to use.

How siloed social plaforms works now / Framing the issue with commercial social media

With Facebook, Twitter and Instragram, you need an account on thier platforms if you want to follow and interact with the people and content here. And you cannot control how your content looks. The companies behind owns the platforms and can change how it works and what is show to whom, whenever they feel like it.

  • Suggesting
  • Sponsered content and ads
  • Prioriteds timelines and not just cronological

In contrast to i.e. e-mail you cannot sendt a message from your twitter account to someones facebook account.

These platforms is what we could call silo... Silos, no communication accross service providers (in contrast to e-mail) Single point of failure (Facebook, Insta, downtime this summer)

Not in control of the content.

How they could work

  • Option to just read/listen/watch
    • Subscribe without letting (almost) anyone know about it (no logging)