ShaderToy 01

I'm also learing how to make shaders

How to use a midi controller with Imporviz

Improviz does not support Midi as default, but only OSC, so we need something that can convert Midi to OSC.

You use a commercial VJ software such ad VDMX, but that is gonna be expensive if this is the only reason to get it. ??? And we want to have it working on any of the major OSes and not just MacOS

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Live Coding with LCCC

Equinox Algorave: Terminal --Void and _darch (20/03/2020)

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A Web Without Walls (part 00)


I'm planning a series of blog-post on how to leave Facebook, Twitter and other silo/for-profit social media platform. I will be going over alternatives for the various features/services offered by primary Facebook, such as chat, event, groups, personalized news feeds.

Stay tuned


A fragment shader made at Creative Code Berlin Jam on 19-09-2020, connected to a mini controller using MidiGyver

Download files:

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