Hej! I'm Søren Peter and I like to do improvised live visuals by writing code or mixing videos to music events.
I have also done other art stuff and I'm trying to reinvent how we do social media, so it will be more social and less like commercial TV scripted to your brain.

I'm using something called twtxt for microbloging. At its core it just a .txt file containing all my post. As of now I got two different feeds of micro-posts, that you can see below.

One running on this site at www.darch.dk/twtxt (.txt), which I post to using phpub2twtxt that I made myself.

And another at twtxt.net/user/darch/ (twtxt.txt), that is hosted on a yarn.social server offering an easy-to-use interface both for reading and replying to others posts