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echo chambers?
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I fixed it by adding (? to the regex filter. But what is going on with the ?nick=dbucklin anyhow?
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@dfaria the difference is that these other servers does not post several times a day with content that are not informative/interesting to people outside your academic context, which can be perceived as noise.

What @prologic have done is what I would call curation of the service he offers to the world for free (as in beer). It's no one right to have their posts syndicated to the frontpage of twtxt.net, it's simply a gift he gives to the world and he is free (as in speak) to wrap is anyway he sees fit.

@dfaria.eu I hope you stay around 🌞
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The wording can be more subtle like "This feed have not seen much activity within the last year" and maybe adding a UI like I did in timeline showing time ago for all feeds

I agree that it good to clean up the Mastodon re-feeds, but it should also be okay for anyone to spin up a twtxt.txt just for syndicating they stuff from blog or what ever.

The "not receiving replies" could partly be fixed by implementing a working webmentions for twtxt.txt
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@shreyan What do you mean when you say federation protocol?

- Either use webfinger for identity like mastodon etc. or use ATproto from Bluesky (or both?)

- We can use webmentions or create our own twt-mentions for notifying someones feed (WIP code at: https://github.com/sorenpeter/timeline/tree/webmention/views)

I'm not sure we need much else. I would not even bother with encryption since other platforms does that better, and for me twtxt/yarn/timeline is for making things public
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I'm also more in favor of #reposts being human readable and writable. A client might implement a bottom that posts something simple like: #repost Look at this cool stuff, because bla bla alt

This will then make it possible to also "repost" stuff from other platforms/protocols.

The reader part of a client, can then render a preview of the link, which we talked about would be a nice (optional) feature to have in yarnd.
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